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DUROS LAND PROPERTIES INC. is a subsidiary of the DUROS GROUP OF COMPANIES, an aggrupation of family-owned companies of diversified businesses to include trade, supply and services for the construction, power and food industries in the Philippines.

DUROS LAND PROPERTIES INC. (DLPI) flagship business is in the development of prime residential, commercial, industrial and retail properties. DLPI can distinguish itself for creating a unique business model shaped by growth exposures across multi-businesses, clientele segments and geographical reach. DLPI combine high-end technology, design and aesthetics and meet customer aspirations and expectations through superior standards of performance and service.

DLPI evolved from a modest yet very rich history of resilient growth where the ancestral lands of the forefathers of the founding members shaped the dynamic core of the development of its real estate properties. Twenty-five years prior to the birth of DLPI, these ancestral lands witnessed the passing of time that bonded closer the members of the family to act as one dynamic entrepreneurial family. Demographic and economic changes slowly ushered the growth of family-owned properties that in a span of twenty-five years, the family-owned real estate properties have spread over 250 hectares. Entrepreneurial leadership and family consensus led to the birth of DUROS LAND PROPERTIES INC in 2011.

The People Behind

Rafaelito and Fe Barino

The Founders

With 14 companies to date, San-Vic Duros Group headed by Rafaelito and Fe Barino celebrates its 25th founding anniversary this September 29 at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel.  From being a trading company dealing with safety products and bathroom fixtures, a Cebuano family enterprise is now a major player in the local business industry with interests in agro-builders, development, holding, food chain, manufacturing, properties, construction, educational institution, foundation, recreation and real estate.

The Management & Staff

Manned by a team of professionals, Duros Land Properties Inc. (DLPI) aims to address the environmental, economic, physical, engineering, administrative, legal, social, and political issues inherent in complex development projects.